Our Technology

Our dental offices have invested in this advanced equipment for your comfort, safety,

and convenience . . . . and ultimately, to provide you with the best possible dental care.

Video Imaging / Intra–Oral Video Cameras
“Seeing is believing!” 

Before we begin ANY treatment in our office, the tooth or teeth in question are displayed immediately by VIDEO on a large screen “before your eyes” while sitting in the dental chair!  All the images are archived for future use and review.  This wonderful tool has enhanced our patient’s experiences and treatment.  You can follow everything we are doing during your dental treatment and see images “enlarged.”    This allows patients to confidently select the best treatment options.  WOW!

Digital X-rays – The latest in patient safety, comfort, and convenience.
Our digital x-ray (radiograph) system takes an x-ray of your teeth and displays it almost instantly on our computer screen.  You don’t wait for “films” to develop.  Rather, the images of your teeth are immediately available.  And digital xrays require LESS radiation.

The on-screen image looks like a regular dental x-ray but is much larger and more vivid.   We can zoom in on a single tooth, sharpen it, color it- all to help in your diagnosis. And, our office will have this record at our fingertips the next time you visit, so you can quickly see any changes that occur in your teeth over time. 

Once you have had a digital x-ray, you will never settle for a traditional “film” x-ray again.   And . . . . digital radiographs require LESS radiation than standard films.  Simply put, prepare to be amazed!


Our offices use the latest, state-of-the-art LASER CARIES (“decay”) DETECTION available “on the planet”!

This DIAGNODENT LASER instrument can detect decay that has already invaded enamel and might not be obvious in x-rays or by dentist examinations.   It’s called DIAGNODENT.

The DIAGNODENT LASER helps detect decay at the earliest possible stage so the most appropriate treatment plans can be designed for patients.  It is now possible with DIAGNODENT to quantify the various stages of decay more accurately and without exposing patients to radiation.

What is the DIAGNODENT actually measuring?  
The DIAGNODENT measures laser fluorescence within tooth structure.  Carious tooth structure will exhibit fluorescence, proportionate to the degree of caries, resulting in elevated scale reading on the display of the DIAGNODENT.

Patient Wins!
Safe!  NO X-ray exposure! 
Early decay detection – over 90% accurate
Promotes minimally-invasive treatment 
Engages patient in examination process
Provides objective data.  Gain confidence in treatment decisions!

Invisalign – Ever wanted your teeth straighter or spaces closed, but did not want to wear regular “braces” with wires and metal brackets?  INVISALIGN is the “clear alternative” to traditional orthodontic therapy!!  

Glamsmile    “Belgian” Veneer Cosmetic Treatment, utilizing state-of-the-art CAD-CAM technology




Beautiful, sparkling white teeth  . . .  is this one of your dreams? 

If so, the brand-new, fast and painless Glamsmile treatment is just the thing for you.  This unique method allows you to correct both the color as well as the position and shape of your teeth with high-quality laminates or veneers.  These veneers are manufactured completely by computer utilizing CAD CAM technology!  Thanks to this revolutionary technique pioneered in Belgium, they are attached in one application to your teeth utilizing a comfortable tray – quick and easy!!  This is the way to get the beautiful “snowy-white” smile and sparkling radiance that you deserve.


Why may ARESTIN be beneficial for you?     Like many people, you suffer from gum disease (periodontitis), and your dental professional has treated your gums with an antibiotic called ARESTIN.

ARESTIN is a prescription drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of gum disease after a deep cleaning procedure known as scaling and root planning (SRP).  These “Locally-Administered Antibiotics” will improve the results of SRP with greater gum pocket and bleeding reduction,  and results will last longer and more bone will be Maintained in the process.
Role of Locally Administered Antibiotics (LAA)
• Suppress or eradicate subgingival bacteria
• Improve gum (soft tissue) attachment levels
• Reduce pocket depths
• Reduce bleeding in the area
ARESTIN, an LAA, uses unique microsphere technology to deliver the antibiotic directly to the infected areas in your gums.  The microspheres then gradually release the antibiotic, allowing it to work for over 14 days so that it can kill the infection more effectively and help heal your gums.
How do I get the best results from my treatment with ARESTIN?
To achieve the best results, follow the instructions given by your dental professional.  You’ll also find these important guidelines useful:
• Avoid touching treated areas.
• Wait 12 hours after your treatment before brushing teeth.
• Wait 10 days before using floss, toothpicks, or other devices to clean near the treated areas.
• Avoid foods for 1 week that could hurt your gums, like crusty hard bread.
Gum disease can recur and needs to be checked regularly. Be sure to return to our office for follow-up appointments!!


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