I am completely fearful of dentists and Dr. D was perfectly accommodating. I highly recommend this office! Lynn is terrific.


I used to dislike the dentist and I was always very fearful. The team with Lynn and Dr. D make the experience a non-issue.


I definitely recommend the doctor and the staff. Very professional.


Top notch dentistry, meticulous, excellent quality products, beyond my expectations. Kind caring specialist who is in a league by himself.


Lynn is fantastic. She calms me down greatly and manages to distract me from my fear of all the dental instruments.


I am a long time patient and will continue to receive care with the team in old Greenwich.


I'm very pleased with the level of service, professionalism, the doctor's expertise and integrity.

Gisel M.

Excellent work, I'm trying to convince my wife to switch over. Sonny Chan

Sonny C.

I had an emergency visit. The staff was very responsive in setting this up, I was given two appointment options, I was able to see the doctor within 2 hours of calling to set it up. Very good. I do not have any significant suggestions, all I would recommend is that my prior X-rays or scans be available to the doctor before I was in the chair, but frankly that is a nit, his staff, very quickly, got him everything he needed.


I felt that I received the highest quality treatment that I could get. Thank you for making the transition from Dr. Salvo to Dr. Doundoulakis as easy as it could be.

James H.

Excellent care. Always responsive to the needs of the patient. Minimal waiting time if any

Margo C

My most recent dental work required only two visits. As always the experience was easy. Dr.
Doundalakis is The best and explains everything in detail (I appreciate this). His staff Is top notch

Sheila W.

It is no fun going to the dentist, but if you lose a tooth, then Cosmetic Dental is the Place to go. The staff are super kind, gracious and friendly which is most reassuring. Clinic is extremely hygienic and there is no nail biting wait time. Most of all, Dr. Doundoulakis is simply the Best! He is world renowned for his speciality - Prosthodontics. I have genetically very week teeth, so am very fortunate to have Dr. Doundoulakis take care of my two implants, multiple crowns, veneers and various other dental problems. I highly recommend Dr. Doundoulakis and Cosmetic Dental Rehabilitation for the ultimate dental specialist care and truly appreciate his expertise in enabling me to smile and chew with confidence.

Caroline G

My experience was fantastic, start to finish! Scheduling the appointment was made easy with the help of Jackie and Elba. I have a newborn so I had to do a little bit of appointment juggling, but they were very flexible (and always took the time to ask about the baby). I received an informative set of materials in advance of my appointment outlining the procedure, which included the doctor's recommendations about care for my teeth. It also included a clear outline of the payment due which was helpful. At the appointment, I was greeted warmly by all members of the team - Jackie, Elba and Dr. Doundoulakis. The appointment time was kept; my appointment was at 9am and I was in the chair at 9am. Throughout the appointment, Dr. Doundoulakis was communicative and informative about what was going on, why he was doing what he was doing, and what I might expect to feel at any particulartime. I felt relaxed and well-aware of what was going on. At the conclusion of my procedure, Dr. Doundoulakis let me know what to expect and an estimated timeline of next steps. All in all, it was an excellent experience. THANK YOU to Jackie, Elba and Dr. Doundoulakis!!

Carrie S

Didn't feel a thing! Love the porcelain new look to my tooth that had an old silver filling. Very comfortable experience.

Ellen G